~As LUCENT establish connection between tasteful buyers and creative and Aesthetic minded sellers around the world it also suggests you to abide by the all the mentioned policies in spite of your region. So while using our service

( Lucent store.com; ads; all other services) we request you to not make any violations)

~Policies we make are part of our Terms of use. That is why by using any of our services you literally agree to LUCENT Polices and Y

Terms of Use

~It is your responsibility to get known to all the boundaries set by Lucent when you use our services.

~Are we going to make  restrictions regarding geographical area or certain individuals?

  • Forbidding transactions with any country
  • Unless they have citizenship or permanent residency of other countries
  • Is there any prohibitions from LUCENT regarding making accounts, listings from certain areas ?

°Is there any exception of product  of this sanctioned areas/ individuals?

°What are the sanctioned products of Lucent?

LUCENT wants to make sure that the sanctioned policies are not violated because we want protect passionately want to safeguard our community from any abuses. LUCENT does not want get questioned on it’s  legal aspects. If we have any doubts on illegal aspects of yours or if we have reasons for making investigations on you regarding your activities with LUCENT  then by taking our service you  are promising to supply additional information’s we want regarding the particular raised issue.

Our Economic Sanction

Trade sanctions

Diplomatic Sanction

All these sanctions along with other santions LUCENT reserves the right make changes to it according to need


 Reselling is prohibited in LUCENT.

Products from restricted areas( IF ANY) are prohibited in LUCENT.

As we do not have specific way to make sure you are following the sanctioned policies we may ask you provide certain information that will enable us to believe your authenticity.

 Make sure you are ready to supply

additional information requirements of LUCENT such as: country of origin in listing. Fullfil all other additional required information.  If we still have doubt we can any time disable your account or cancel any kind of transactions with you. This are the rights LUCENT reserves for its own welfare.

By using our service you are agreeing to the Terms of use and Polices of LUCENT.

It is to mentioned that different countries have their own regional laws regarding trades because there might me some items are  not allowed to certain countries. That is why LUCENT suggests you to  be well aware of the transactional facts about the policies of the country you are trading with be it individual or group.

As LUCENT reserves the right to change the sanctions and  Policies regarding trades so we asked the seller to keep on the track  by getting updated with the changed trading and sanctioned policies. For any arising problem you face we ask you for consulting professionals who could help you in certain legal circumstances

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