Because LUCENT is built upon trust, we want to assure you about your privacy. We Know you are concerned about your own privacy which is why we are going to provide you with our Privacy Policy and how we take care of your privacy when we use your information.  The following  is the description of how and why we use your information for customizing our service for you and everyone else. By learning our privacy policy you will understand how much we safe keep your information. This policy is applied to our sellers, buyers and non-members.

LUCENT reserves the right to legally use your information’s for our use since you do not know how we are going to use your information’s for our purpose we will be explaining them in the following and also by agreeing to the terms of use and policies of LUCENT, you  agree to the procedures and ways of use of those information we collect from you. If you are unable to agree the terms of use and our Privacy policy then we suggest you not to use LUCENT’s service.

Account:: The user of the account has to be not less than 18 years. Because LUCENT does not have any child or teenager to use the service of LUCENT directly.

But teenagers from 13- 17 can use the service but the permission and direct control of the owner of the account. The owner of the account will be held responsible for any violation made by the account no matter who else is doing it.

The content, advertisements, promotional activities and Terms of use of the sellers does not make LUCENT responsible, and since we do not directly sell but help our seller’s to brand their items or shop that is why LUCENT cannot necessarily be called Seller but a brand.

Regional Policy: Since different regions have different Policies that is why there might be changes. The policy applied to your country might  not be applied to other countries who use our service.  By taking the service from LUCENT you are agreeing to it’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.

There might be information we collect from you that we use for our own legal purposes. Some if the ways are mentioned below:

  • From you
  • After filling forms you
  • Through registration
  • Your messaging with buyers
  • While interacting with LUCENT service.
  • IP address through your device or browser
  • Through payments feedbacks
  • Marketing
  • Consumers


Registration, Account Setup, Service Usage:

For using the service of LUCENT you need to provide  certain information it demands.

  • Active and Valid Email
  • Registration must be done with the name associated with your account  (can the name be modified?)
  • Shop Name
  • Billing and payment Information
  • ( This includes the billing contact name, telephone number,credit card information, present and permanent address)
  • Postal Address( if needed while buying from our site)


While taking our service by agreeing the payment policy o LUCENT you need to provide us with necessary information which are in  the following

  • Your full name,
  • Date of birth,
  • Photograph
  • Bank account information
  • Identification ID or tax ID
  • credit card information,
  • Any other information for proving identification can be wanted by LUCENT


One of the reasons that will explain how we use your information: based on local preconditions we might exhibit  seller’s badge to the buyers , trade name or other information. Apart from this, we collect informations providing you with proper service like –

 #Identity confirmation of your account, #eliminate imposters,

# transactions without any illegal aspects and others.

We also need to collect transaction related information like

#Credit cards

#Billings & Payments

 It is a regional based requirement that  you might be asked for proving your identity  and providing us with authentic information and excellent response to necessary questions LUCENT provides to you to answer.

For the sake and welfare of  LUCENT, it may carry  legal investigation on individual, team or  shop in through which we may ask buyers to provide us with certain information about them, their shop, and listings branded by LUCENT. Additionally we may ask  buyers for providing information for the sake of our business. Since buyers and sellers both are using our service you must obey our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If you are somehow asked to make an application  process then be sure that the information we collect from it will only be for the growth and service of LUCENT. We do not use your information for other purpose.

NB: Information we collect from buyers and sellers is only used by LUCENT business purposes. If there is any changes to our policy we will let you know



The information you attach while taking service from LUCENT such as your accounts  and works can be edited by you.  You can also remove them through settings whenever needed.

Name of the account: The name of your account    has to be by (Your Name + Shop’s Names), and you can develop your account name anytime you want. You cannot change your name but if you want to change the name of your shop then you have to inform it to LUCENT. {THIS PARAGRAPH NEEDS MODIFICATION}

 If LUCENT gives you permission only then you can change your shop name. As you are using LUCENT service, it reserves the right to cancel your shop and account anytime for any reasonable purpose or if

Your profile may want you to provide with certain personal information such as date of birth or location. You are able to edit them in your settings.

 There are activities or some specific informations that people might see on your profile

  • Date of Joining
  • Purchase and sell related photos
  • Listings of your products to sold
  • Pages and activities related to your shop.
  • Social comments
  • List of sold items
  • Your favourites and who follow
  • Reviews and Ratings


Self activated Information Collection:

LUCENT may collect your information  automatically when you are interacting with our services. This may collect your IP address and other activities related to us. Since LUCENT wants to make sure its services are up to the mark, come up with advertisements  and ensure customer and sellers satisfaction we preserve information about you which helps us to deal our business with everyone smoothly. This is how we can avoid fraudulence and also make sure how smooth and easy accessibility our members and visitors are having from site and services.

Data from LUCENT Vendors and Suppliers: We collect information’s from our vendors and suppliers while deliveries are made which may include

Service interactions

payment information’s

delivering and receiving informations

Data from Advertising and Marketing Partners: Lucent May collect information of yours from our advertising and marketing partners. We may collect information about your activities through cookies UTM tags in URLs so that we can track  where the search of our site is made from and other information about your related to LUCENT and its service.

Since you are using our service, you are agreeing to our privacy policy.

Location Information:

LUCENT collects your locational information by your consent set by you in your account or through your IP address.

So why do we use your location information? Reasons is in the following:

  • Data analyzation
  • Regional Policy requirements
  • Advertisements
  • Network towers
  • Customization of service
  • Our performance monitoring
  • local content marketing
  • localization
  • Our site functions

Since you are taking service from LUCENT, you are agreeing to the privacy policy.

Non-Member Information:

As LUCENT has different features for example: subscriptions.  If you as a non- member subscribe to our site will be getting updates or newsletter through emails you provided us. You can also avoid the emails with help of your own email account settings. As a non-member if you are visiting the site LUCENT collects your IP address and activities related to the site and service even when you are not registered. It is the privacy policy of LUCENT for non-members. The purposes which have been decided by LUCENT are the only reasons for which it collects your information.

Pattern by LUCENT:

LUCENT collects the information of members and non-members that visits our site. The informations constitutes:

  • Your IP address
  • Cookies
  • Data from pages you visit.


You can be more detailed about how we use your information after you visit LUCENT Pattern Policy, also see all the  beneath sections of LUCENT’s privacy policy.

For different purposes like( promotional activities, service related activities, transactions and any other) LUCENT can contact you through different media or impelled notifications. You can avoid these notifications through settings, also you can keep updated with it.

For the sake of LUCENT and to carry out  standard and effective communication system with sellers and buyers we may collect the information while you take services from us. Your location or IP of the device you are using and such. You can rely on LUCENT since it is not going to use any of the information for other purposes rather than business.

LUCENT might contact you if needed which will definitely be on legal disputes and also for feedback, customer support features and many more purposes. If you want to avoid this you can tell us about that too.

Messages that are important and needed will be sent by LUCENT if you are using our service because we deserve the right to contact you for any necessary purpose related to business which will be done legally. For newsletter you can subscribe and when necessary unsubscribe too. By using our service you are agreeing to our terms of use and policies.

LUCENT is a community based on trust and reliability according to our promise. Since you are using this community’s service we request you to be conscious and make an overview of whatever you are posting so  that it does not symbolize any hatred or violation and harm to our community. It is because you take the responsibility if you are writing anything that produces any sort of violation on your social sites or promoting areas.

By using our service you give consent to  LUCENT to  use the information you have on your account which is of course public and people can see it.

As it will be public that is why any one would be able to  see, read or use it.

However  if you choose to delete your account in LUCENT then all the information you uploaded will be deleted.

Before deleting account, you can download the information’s of your account by requesting LUCENT.   (Needs modifications)

Your activities can be seen by people unless you want them to. You can block specific members if you do not want to share your information and updates with them.

 LUCENT promises not to  reveal or uncover information you provide us to any parties without your permission. But if we ought to share any information it will already be explained in our policy.

Whenever you want you can make changes to your account through the privacy settings. It is to notify that if some changes take place a few days later it is because of the site technique. For the advancement of our business we might be advertising our services and products that our sellers have branded in LUCENT on social media sites or other sites.

Legal Bases

We collect your information,use, distribute or exercise them for different  legal motives as we have been describing in our policy. There are some legal basis that will allow us to use your information which are:

  • Legal Contracts
  • In order to provide service to you
  • The agreement which you can cancel anytime unless any time is mentioned from the beginning.
  • For complying with legal obligation for example: court orders, to defend affirmed legal  claims
  • For visitors, members or partners

As there will be an option of sharing some of your information for sharing publicly  which you have made public with your content, we ask you to put those information in order to keep a persistent  public interest on your profile and in our site. If needed we may need to share information for emergency cases  for example : to prevent  loss of life or some other legal investigation cases based on regional requirements.

We would not share your information without your consent unless it is a must which is certainly a legal demand you and LUCENT cannot avoid.

LUCENT expects  acceptance from our sellers to make advertisements on different off-sites. We and sellers  both can make advertisements on off-sites and expect acceptance for it vise versa.

We might connect with Facebook, Google or others based on the consent of LUCENT and it’s sellers content on vise versa. To be mentioned that this off sites or other social sites and advertisements mediums have their own policies which should be abided by both you and us, and they collect you certain information which you can find in our cookies.


By  using LUCENT you agree to use your data for different purposes mentioned in the following:

  • LUCENT collects your browsing pattern which we unite with other information collected from you. for example: your location or Public information that may help us to customize our service and obtain targeted customers based on regions.
  • to create constructive advertisements focusing regional based interest.
  • Provide you with appropriate advertisements on our sites and off-sites, email or those marketing hands – Facebook , Google and others( if any) who’s terms and policies you have been accepted.


Our Lawful Interests:

Where we process your information on the basis of legitimate interests, we do so as follows:

Providing and enlarging our Services:

Our Lawful interest in using your information is a part of enlarging and customizing our service. There following reasons which are our lawful interest which allows us to use your information in a decent way. We use your information’s for:

  • Upgrading our Services for our users.
  • For understanding how our Services are being used
  • Cultivating ways to enhance. and grow our business. 
  • Upgrading our services, efficiency ,  organization methodology , interest in Services for users,
  • Obtaining comprehensive usage patterns of our Services. 
  • Customizing your on-site experience to help you search for and locate desired items
  • Recommended purchases,
  • Including using this information to help sellers find the best ways to market and sell their products on Etsy.
  • For providing you with your consent, marketing messages including LUCENT advertisements of on-sites.


Keeping our Services Safe and Secure:

The information we get from you is used by LUCENT for security purposes on the basis of our lawful interests which are:

  • assuring the security of our Services,
  • preventing harm to individuals or property, or crime,
  • activating or resisting legal rights, or putting stop to damages of LUCENT ,user and partner.
  • Rise protection to our community against spam abuses, irrelevance,intellectual property infringement, crime, all possible security hazards.
  • We use your information to provide and improve the Services, for billing and payments, for identification and authentication, and for general research and aggregate reporting. For example, in accordance with our existing case resolution process, we may use information you provide to resolve disputes with Etsy or other members.


Buying and Selling:

  • While making transactions between two members sharing and distribution of information will be enabled so that the transaction remains smooth. For example: delivering address and payment update, phone number of both members according to demand.


  • We may provide Information to the third party which is delivery or payment partner in order to provide smooth delivery and service to you. These partners would like to exercise your personal information based on their privacy policy. Since you are taking service from etsy, you are agreeing to all of these mentioned circumstances.
  • When you are sharing information with them, the liability of protecting your personal information is on them.
  • For LUCENT to provide you with excellent service you are aiding us with this personal information when you make (buying and selling with us which is an essential factors to run smooth transactions.
  • LUCENT does not authorize you to distribute your personal information for illegal transactions.


Legal and Safety:

To fulfill the legal requirements or if any reasonable disclosure is needed in order to maintain and fulfill law requirements or to prevent any losses( physical, financial , life) we may disclose your information, also for any investigation, fraudulence, threats to our rights etc.

We are compelled to provide the information’s we have to any lawful legal request.

Aggregated Information:

LUCENT, by depersonalizing might share your information with business partners (if there is any) from the aggregated information of yours. We will not uncover your personal information


Regarding privacy if you have any queries about the security of your personal information,  contact us at

After your account deletion all your data collection by LUCENT may not be deleted. Since there might be legal requirements tax or revenue or any other legal disputes. According to our policy we might retain your information in extent to our need. We do not use your information for irrelevant purposes except business legal factors. It might be needed to retain this information for a suitable period of time which is generally long.

Right to Access & Portability: You can ask LUCENT to provide you with the information we have about you and how we use them.

 Right to Correction: If you have any  inexact information which LUCENT carries then you correct your information through your account. Visit our Help center more help and support.

Right to Restrict Processing: You preserve  the right to restrict or minimize the way of using your information by LUCENT.

Right to Deletion: You have the right to ask us to delete your certain information’s till that does not violate our right of legally collecting your information’s that is needed by LUCENT to fulfill the law and regulation requirements.

Right to Withdraw Consent: If you don’t want us to process your information you can avoid it through certain ways provided by LUCENT. For example you can unsubscribe your email so that you no longer get notifications from us  via email. Apart from this, if you do not want to share your location then changing the setting on your device would no longer give us access to your location  So the information we process is dependent on your consent. If there is any certain probationary period, when it is over you have the right to delete your account forever which deletes your personal information permanently.

If you minimize your information so that we cannot go further for using information, it may influence some certain features, services and uses that grow based on the information. Although it will not deprive you from using our  services. We will be just to you even after you use your right. For more help contact us. We will be responsive as soon as possible.

While opening an account we will verify your identity that may compel you to verify your national identity, and  if you cannot help us in the verification process then we will be unable to provide you with an account and our service.

According to need, the privacy policies may change depending on factors. If the changes are impactful on interaction between you and LUCENT then we will let you know about our updates through

  • Notifications
  • Emails
  • Message
  • or others.

Since we have been frequently alerting about LUCENT’s reserved right for making changes to the policies, we earnestly request you to keep yourself updated with the changes and notifications we provide you through different mediums. This is because we want to build an accessible and smooth Community between you and us.

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