Since LUCENT wants to build a community overlapped with trust we ask you to follow our community spaces with ideal sense and cooperation. By using our service you are agreeing to the terms of use and Polices of LUCENT.

Since LUCENT wants to build a community overlapped with trust we ask you to follow our community spaces with ideal sense and cooperation. By using our service you are agreeing to the terms of use and Polices of LUCENT.

You are requested not to hunt others privacy as well as personal information except the details authorized and decided by LUCENT.


Please don’t share any conversation or textual or any other personal interaction LUCENT makes with you. This is confidential and we ask you to strictly comply with our policy.


Use your exact and accurate information so that we can identify you easily. Please do not use LUCENT community  spaces for your personal advantage or to ridicule LUCENT or it’s representative.

We forbid you to disturb or put your interference with another Seller’s issues or business or do not copy others. Do make personal interaction with other seller and do not copy others promotional Content. LUCENT community space does not permit you to do illegal activities.

You are not allowed to harrase or abuse any seller and please do any promotional strategy that signified hatred and misleading, racism and violence because this against the policy of  LUCENT. Inspiring and provoking others to make engage ( synonym) themselves in activities that are against LUCENT might get you into trouble.

there might be messaging option in Lucent where you can take me message for business purposes it is to to alert you that you must not use any threatening war abusive or peacelessness words that may cause violence to others also if you yourself get threatening messages directly report it  to LUCENT.

Lucent does not take responsibilities regarding any of rules  and regulations of sellers or their teams no matter what policy it is. When you use the service of LUCENT you need to abide by the Policies if LUCENT otherwise we can eliminate you team an account.

You violate the LUCENT Policy if you use our logo, our similar logo or nearly similar for your business because that is the violation of policies LUCENT reserves.

Abusive and hateful things can be used by  logos you have for your business.

Do not use your business for other hidden purposes for example redirecting webpages. If LUCENT find out any such thing then it is ready to eliminate any team, individual or accounts any time for any reason for it’s sake.

If you are individual or team you cannot use LUCENT’s name. You can just share the listing from LUCENT.


  • TEAM OR INDIVIDUAL can Do the following things
  • Team are individual can share their listings of LUCENT’s creation
  • They cannot use the logo of lucent directly
  • sellers( Team or individual)can use the name of their shop but they have to mention that they are using the brand of LUCENT.


Your promotional activities must mention that you are taking LUCENT’s service.

After following all the polices if Lucent finds anything not compliance with the company then we reserve the right  to cancel any of your content or advertisement.

 If you are a seller of LUCENT then you must mention in your promotional activities:

Organized by LUCENT

 Presented By LUCENT

(any one)


Service and Trademarks You use from Lucent as a seller can be canceled anytime if we notice any circumstances which violates our policies or LUCENT may compel you to change the way of service you take from LUCENT.

As we connect tasteful buyers with creative minded seller’s we will arrange the policies how buyer’s can connect with sellers materially with the advantage this community created by LUCENT



Can seller make material events or programs or any sudden promotional activity materially with the service if LUCENT wants? is it allowed for seller’s around the country and world?

There might be chances that when you organize a material event for selling your products with trademark and service we reserve the right to  make sure to limit the use of LUCENT’s Name and logo anytime we want or if we see anything unprivileged to our policy.

any material program you organise for selling your products should not expressed that the program has been organised or run  by LUCENT which means you are the only one responsible for any arising problem in your material program or event ir suddenly organized promotional program to sell your products.

For violating the community Policy LUCENT reserves the right to,

  • Suspend your account
  • Eliminate your account,
  • Eliminate your listings
  • Limit your use of the LUCENT trademark
  • prevent you from taking our service and doing advertisements and promotional activities

We will legally give you notice about your suspension. Thank you for staying connected with LUCENT and not violating LUCENT Polices.

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